Building the tools you need to change the world.

Whether you are a small startup or a multinational corporation, innovative ideas underpin the evolution, or revolution, that propels your business forward. These ideas can transform how you work, how you interact with your clients, or even change the world.

We specialise in bringing ideas like yours to life. We are committed to not only building sophisticated software, but to fully immersing ourselves in your concept to capture the nuance of your vision in our design.

We understand that user behaviour and experience are the ultimate factors determining great technology and design. More importantly, we believe that technology should not be cumbersome, but seamless and intuitive.

To top it all off, we bring you expertise and regional support at accessible rates.


iGnite 2014 Grand Prize Winners

Tyne Solutions walked away with the Grand Prize of BND$20,000 at the 2014 iGnite Business Plan Competition for 'Pillars'.


Special Prize Winner, APEC BEST Award 2016

Tyne Solutions was awarded the Special Prize from the Russian Government at the 2016 APEC BEST Awards in Peru for its Travel ASEAN business presentation.


Our founders embody the belief in innovation through the cross-pollination of disciplines. Bringing together worlds as diverse as space technology and artificial intelligence with finance and international relations, they harness their different perspectives in creating solutions for their clients.

Let's bring your vision to life

Expert story teller, globetrotter, and passionate user of creative design to solve problems.

Aimi Ramlee
Creative Partner

Building tech you can trust

With a decade of experience making software for space agencies, governments, and telecomms, I guarantee quality, stability, and scalability.

Mark Harbison
Technology Partner