Our Services

We have developed our years of experience into a suite of services to help organizations bridge gaps, optimize operations and strengthen fundamentals.


Core Services 

Bespoke Enterprise Software

We have extensive experience working with unique workflows and scenarios, building specialized solutions that can’t be addressed fully by off-the-shelf systems. Our solutions are designed with the future in mind – built with the ability to seamlessly integrate with future additions so that your solution can grow with your organization.

With an in-house design and development team, we ensure our products adhere to the highest coding standards and utilize the latest technology.

Although we predominantly work on bespoke solutions, we also offer SaaS for some of our products. Talk to us today.



 Security is of the utmost priority for us, and we pride ourselves in our security protocols for both cloud and on-premise solutions.  

In addition to our built in security services for bespoke projects, we also offer independent digital security assessments and consulting services for legacy systems and infrastructure, enabling your organization to remain resilient and fortified against the most common security risks. With more and more of your operations moving online, maintaining the security of your data and infrastructure is critical.

Talk to us about scheduling an assessment for your organization. 

Cloud Infrastructure


Hosting your applications on a cloud server allows for easy access from any location and affordable scalability. 

With extensive experience creating cloud based solutions, we also are able to offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to our clients. We provide the setting up of test and development environments, web hosting, storage, backup and recovery, setting up of all infrastructure necessary to support web apps and manage big data analysis.

Get in touch to discuss your options today.

Digital Security  

The safety and security of your data and operations are critical – not just for you, but also for your clients. With the increasing number of threats online, having a clear understanding of your risks and what you need to do to mitigate them is fundamental to the growth of your organization.

Digital Security Health Check

Schedule a health check to rate your organization’s ability to identify, protect and defend your critical information against the most common forms of Cyber Attacks – pin pointing technical vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 

Digital Security Assessment & Risk Mitigation

Get an in depth assessment of your organization’s technical vulnerabilities and weaknesses, a customized risk mitigation plan, and digital security implementation.

Digital Security Training

Enable and empower your team to identify, and protect against the most common forms of online threats – from basic digital hygiene to the use of more sophisticated tools and protocols to minimize the risks to your organization.

Additional Services 


Using human centred design, we pride ourselves in user friendly and accessible design.

Web Design

Establish your presence online. We can create a website that communicates your brand and gets you noticed. From conceptualisation to deployment.


Mobile apps put you in your client’s pocket – wherever, whenever. We build applications that cater to all devices, ensuring your company’s broad reach.


Our products are designed to be highly scalable to ensure that you can serve your customers, no matter how many there are.


Affordable, quality communications is a vital part of any organization. We build comprehensive VOIP systems to cater to every need. 

IT Consulting

Utilize our collective experience to assess gaps in your organization and receive expert recommendations, or get an independent review of existing solutions.

Work with proven professionals.


From multinational financial institutions to regional non-profits; oil-and-gas companies to experts in logistics – we have been trusted by a variety of organizations to create bespoke solutions for their unique situations. Let us help you move your organization forward. Talk to us today.